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Welcome to the JSRC Online Gear Store

Wlecome to the JSRC online store for official club branded gear.   JSRC Members receive a discount on all items.  Click Here to Shop now!

We have a catalog of over 20 items available for purchase including GIFT cards for gear or for club membership.  All orders are custom made, so please be patient to receive your order.  Making your gear to order allows the club to avoid the cost of carrying inventory.  As a not for profit club, this is very important so we can continue our focus on reducing costs and maximizing our donations. 

When you place your order, you have the option to select delivery to your address for a flat $10 per order regardless of the order size or you can pick up orders for free at Athletes Image, 550 Brighton Ave, Spring Lake Heights.   

We are using the Shopify platform which is fully PCI compliant, secure and encrypted.  You do not need to create an account. Payment options are all major credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and may more. The item price listed is all and there are no extra service fees using a credit cards.  There are choices to get updates on order progress either by email or text message, but please be patient. Most orders will take 2 weeks to complete.

If you are a JSRC member, please be sure to request the current Member DISCOUNT code from and you will receive the current code. Please do not share the code with non-members.  We are checking ALL orders to verify membership.  If you forget to use the discount code at the time of the order, we can not go back and apply the discount, so please don't forget. 

There are NO returns or refunds. We just do not have the capability or want to be in the business of the club investing in refunds and keeping any inventory of items.  We hope you understand our position and we hope you enjoy wearing your new JSRC gear proudly.  If you have any questions on the status of an order, please email

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Web Browsers Supported by the JSRC Store

The JSRC Store uses the Shopify platform.  Please note that Shopify does not support all web browsers.  Shopify requires an up-to-date web browser to make sure that you can use all features. Shopify currently supports the latest two versions of these browsers unless otherwise noted.

Browsers supported by Shopify include:

Google Chrome - For best results, use Shopify in the latest version of Google Chrome.
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Microsoft Edge
Apple Safari for iOS
Google Chrome for Android

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