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Updated on September 25, 2005

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President Takes a First Lady

Photo Album

JSRC President, Tom Morrison took his First Lady Mary Moriarty with Tom Hall Officiating

ECI School for Children

Results  Photo Album

Award Winners of the ECI School For Children 5K

Female Overall
1 Kristine Wallace 19:08
2 Tara Losito 21:11.44
3 Sandy Santiago 21:11.67

 Male Overall
1 Walter Macgowan 20:38
2 John Parker 21:21
3 David Gross 22:28

Club Finishers included:

Glen Hammel  24:29(1ag)

The Club Had a Picnic

Photo Album

Liberty Half Marathon

Gene Napolitano  1:39:55

Philadelphia Half Marathon

Diane Cheer  2:21:24, Jen Roycroft  2:06,  Tami Donia  2:06:13

Sea Bright Sprint Tri

Chris Wilcox  59:54

Turkey Swamp 5 Miler

Francis Lupo  43:30

Ocean Grove 5K

Ralph Garfield  23:33, Mike Badger 19:15(1st Ocean Grove Resident)

Tinton Falls 5K

Matt Shafer Streak to Victory

Matt Shafer 19:21(1st OA)

Seafood 5 Miler 

Diane Cheer  47:49(2ag)

Broadway Classic

Ralph Grafield  23:52(1ag)

NYC Marathon Volunteers

We have a limited number of slots available for volunteers who would like to help at the celebrity finish area for the NYC Marathon this year.  If interested please email Phil Hinck at

9-11 Memorial Run

Photo Album - Photo Show

Atlantic Herald Article by Jim Robbins

Tim Mahoney Leads Runners on the Start of the 9-11 Memorial Run

A most memorable run to memorialize all who were lost on September 11, 2001.  Tim Mahoney led  a group of about 200 runners and instructed them on the event.  The theme was to "run, reflect and resume".  Accordingly the runners kept silent on their run to the 9-11 Memorial in Spring Lake and on to the turn around point on the Sea Girt border on the beach so they could "reflect" on the significance of that day..  At the turn around point  a piece of the World Trade Center was placed and the runners gathered around it.  After reading the final portion of the names of those lost on that tragic day - the runners left flowers and flags.  The runners were then instructed to "resume" their lives and ran back to the start breaking their silent vigil.. 

Flowers and Flags left at Pieces of the World Trade Center on the Beach in Spring Lake

Colts Neck 10K


Sutah Robins  47:40, Bob Hayes  57:53

Sun Shines on Brielle Day


Photo Album 1 Start  Finishers  Photo Show 1

Photo Album 2 Rest if Finishers and Awards Photo Show 2

Starting Up the First hill at the Brielle Day 10K

Supposedly it has never rained on Brielle Day and this year there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  The cool near autumn weather was ideal for the runners as they made their way through the tree lined streets and trekked up the many hills of Brielle.  The overall winner was Bob Horn of Brick finishing on the left in a time of 34:57.  For the women it was Shyannan Plunkett of Brick finishing on the right in a time of  41:33.  Chelsea Hayes held the finish tape. .

Congratulations to Race Directors Jack and Diane Cheer for organizing a very successful event.  Thanks also to the many volunteers who as usual made the race possible.

Among the many club finishers were:

Kevin Napalo  58:30, Chris Wilcox 42:13, Bob Hayes  58:43, Dennis Hart  51:23(PR), Diane Cheer59:24

Jimmy Hamilton 5K

Ralph Garfield  24:14(1ag),  Sutah Robins  23:17(2nd F)

Eatontown 5K 

Results Now Posted

Fallen Heroes 5K

Frank Pelcher 26:50, Jim and Jannee Neary 27:57,  Glenn Hammel  24:31

CJRRR Fall Classic 4 Miler

Gene Napalitano  28:27

NYC Marathon Tune Up 20 Miler

Gene Napalitano  2:30:59,  Florence McCarthy  3:38:15

Pier Village Records Fall

Finale of Jersey Shore Golden Grand Prix


Photo Album 1 - Start - First Group of Finishers - Photo Show

Photo Album 2 - Rest of Finishers - Photo Show 2

Get a Race Poster or Photo of your finish - Pictures will be available for 60 days.

The Start of This Year's Long Branch Pier Village 5K  - 20x30 Poster Available - Click on the Picture

The Finale of the Jersey Shore Golden Grand Prix was held on Labor Day at Long Branch Pier Village along the Atlantic Ocean.  The ocean front course was flat and fast and resulted in record times for both the men's and women.  The men's winner shown on the left finishing  was 19 yr old Kenyan Ernest Meli Kimeli in a time of 14:55 which may have been a record for any race held in Long Branch.  And for the women it was Cheri Kenah in a time of. 17:55

Congratulations to Race Director Phil Hinck (who also sang the national Anthem) for another fine event and to all the volunteers and sponsors of the race and the Golden Grand Prix.  

Among the many club finishers were:

Carol Irwin 24:10,  Jim Malone 30:04, Bruce Locke 23:15,  Peggy McKean 28:40, Marti Rettino  22:38, Mike Glassett  21:16, Sutah Robins 22:31, Glen Hammel  25:01, Terry McKean  25:02, Diane Cheer  28:00

Eatontown 5K

Mike Bair 17:45(1ag)

Jack and Diane Had a Party

Photo Album of Jack and Diane Cheer's Labor Day Weekend Bash - its reported that some members are still partying and dancing on the tables.

Saturday in the Park Shines

Photos Will be available for 60 days.  Proceeds from sale of pictures and gifts will benefit the race beneficiary and the American Red Cross Hurricane Disaster Relief


Photo Album 1 - Start - Top Finishers - Photo Show 1

Photo Album 2 - Middle Finishers - Photo Show 2

Photo Album 3 - Rest of Finishers, Kid's Races, Awards - Photo Show 3

The start of this year's Saturday in the Park Women's Race -Order a 20x30 Poster of the Start or Your Photo  - Click Here

Another huge crowd of nearly 500 women participated in  the 12th Annual Saturday in the Park Women's Race in Holmdel Park.  The sun shined bright on the runners and the cooler weather made for a terrific day for a run through the woods,  trails and hills of beautiful Holmdel Park.  The overall winner was in a time of  19:03 was Amanda Marino of Jackson shown below crossing the finish line, followed by Kelly Chin of Brooklyn, NY in 19:36, third place was Amy Caruso of Toms River in 19:53...

After the race Eric proposed to his girl friend Heather after she finished her first 5K race - shown on the left.

Congratulations to Heather and Eric.


And also congratulations to Race Director, Penny Hinck and all the volunteers who made the race a most memorable event.

Among the many club finishers included:

Chris Murphy 21:24, Adele McDonough 20:41, Jane Erbe 22:30, Jennifer Gunn 22:51, Marti Rettino 24:07, Diane Cheer  30:26

Race Director Penny Hinck holds the finishing tape for the winner.

Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Mike Baker 1:45:37,  Florence McCarthy  2:27:13,  Kelly Brogowski  2:22:30

Coming Up at the Jersey Shore

Saturday, September 10, 2005, 9:00, Brielle 10K, Brielle, NJ,

Saturday, September 10, 8:30 AM, 5K, Jimmy Hamilton 5K, Sandy Hook, NJ  732-933-1495

Sunday, Sept 11, 6 PM, 9-11 Memorial Run, Belmar, NJ

Sunday, Sept 11, 10:30 am, Colts Neck 10K, Colts Neck, 

Saturday, September 17, 10 AM, 5K,  1 Mile Fun Run at 9:15AM, Carpenter's Classic,  Seaside Park, NJ 732-349-0230

Saturday, September 17, 8:30 AM, 5K, Tinton Falls Rotary Club 5K,  Tinton Falls, NJ 732-530-9610 

Saturday, September 17,8:30 AM,  Seafood 5 Miler, Point Pleasant, NJ , 732-295-1193 

Sunday, Sept 18, 10 am, ECI School for Children 5K, Eatontown  Application

Running a Marathon

Octoberfest for Runners and TriAthletes


Come join the party as the Ripple Effect Foundation* on behalf of the Duke Blue Devil Triathlon presents the 1st annual Area Athlete Appreciation Night and Octoberfest celebration. Athletes who belong to an area club or organization and their guest, will be entitled to a reduced ticket price of $2o and an open bar from 8-10pm. All guests will enjoy a complimentary buffet, drink specials, and lots of fun as they try to out-bid others for a free date with an area athlete. All net-proceeds from this benefit will go to the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center*.

When: Friday, October 14th, 8pm-2pm

Where: Connolly Station, Belmar, NJ, 8th and Main St

Ticket Info: Tickets are on sale for $22. Contact Connolly Station 732.280.2266 or Cliff

Jersey Shore Grand Prix

Read All About It!

Golden Grand Prix Points are awarded according to finishing place for each of the 5 races  (Spring Lake, Belmar, Sheehan, Asbury Park and Long Branch Pier Village) with prize money being awarded to the top finishers in the open division as well as 5 year age groups for competitors 35 years of age and older. Additionally, runners who complete all 5 races will receive a commemorative gift at the final race in Long Branch on Labor Day and be entered in a special drawing for prizes.
For complete Jersey Shore Golden Grand Prix results go to or call (732) 571-2162.  Information on the Final Race in Long Branch on Labor Day is available here.

New Running Log Available on Line

Click Here for Info

When registering please list Jersey Shore Running Club as your Club!

Florence is Running the NYC Marathon

Florence is running the NYC Marathon to help in raising money to find a cure for Neurofibromatosis (NF), a debilitating, genetic disorder which causes tumors to grow along the nerves, anywhere in the body - Florence's daughter Adrian has been battling this disease .

For all who ran the summer series, Florence diligently volunteered to keep the scores and point totals for the runners.  This is your chance to thank her.

Click here for more information.

Fall Cross Country

Schedule is Now Posted

The Fall Cross Country Series starts the first week of October (the complete schedule will be posted as soon as we get it).  The Club is again putting in teams for the series.  If interested in participating please email Tom Mulvaney at

We need all abilities and age groups so all are welcome.

Of course if you are fast we especially need you.


Photo Album

Some of the 70 plus JSRC Cruisers getting ready to board for the Annual JSRC Cruise aboard the Jersey Girl on Sandy Hook and the Shrewsbury River. Hosts were Tom Morrison and Mary Moriarty who created an Orange Themed event.

Bradley Beach Shines

Results        Jim Robbins Article

Photo Album 1  Photo Show 1

Photo Album 2  Photo Show 2

The Start of the Bradley Beach 5K

The Annual Bradley Beach 5K drew a huge crowd of over 600 runners on an ideal morning for a run.  The runners were treated to a break in the heat and a cool ocean breeze kept them cool along the ocean front race.

The men's winner shown on the left  was in a time of 15:31 and for the women it was Cheri Kenah on the right of Wall in a time of 17:48.

Congratulations to the Race Committee and the many volunteers who made for another successful event.

Some of the many club finishers were:

Emily Huff  29:32, Mike Washinkowski  21:17,  Susan Zetura  34:55,  Ed Alburtus  19:54,  Michael Iandelicato  31:13,  Jerry Grayce  24:55,  Donna Mehler  30:13,  Alison Soto  31:32,  Jill MacAllister  31:32,  Bob Hayes  27:45,  Chelsea Hayes  37:15,  Tina Duda  40:59,  Marion Mullarkey  30:24,  Karen Hornberger  48:00, Sandra Necamp  45:20,  Catherine Abless  38:32, Matt Schaefer 20:02

Greetings from Asbury Park

They were  "Racing in the Streets" in Asbury Park


Photo Album 1 Start and First Half of Finishers - Photo Show 1

Photo Album 2 - Second Half of Finishers - Photo Show 2


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