Updated on September 12, 2003

Runners Memorialize Victims of 9-11

Start of the Reading of Names in Belmar

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In a truly emotional run, Tim Mahoney led Jersey Shore Runners in a Memorial Run down the boardwalks of Belmar, Spring Lake and Sea Girt. The evening started with the reading of the first group of those lost on 9-11 at the start in Belmar. All the participants had a chance to read the name of one of the 145 victims from the Jersey Shore. In a solemn run down to the memorial in Spring Lake the runners did not talk and kept a silent vigil in memory of those fallen. They then stopped at the Spring Lake Memorial and another group of names were read. The only sound was the reading of the names and the gentle ocean breeze. After leaving flowers and flags at the Memorial, Tim lead the runners in one big group on a solemn run toward the Memorial on the Beach in Sea Girt. There the runners again read a list of names and tears could be seen on the faces of many of the participants. The runners then one by one placed the remaining flowers and flags at the Memorial. After a few words of thanks and encouragement and hope the runners raced back to the start in Belmar. It was truly a unique and special event. Thanks to all the participants - over 150 who as one said "this was the best t-shirt I ever got in a race."

Relay by the Sea

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Sunday, September 28, 9 AM, 15K, Relay by the Sea, Sea Girt, Three, Two or One Person Teams

Rob and Jodi Angelo had a baby girl, Amy, 4 weeks ago. Everyone looked great!

Brielle Has Ups and Downs

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Award Winners at this Year's Brielle Day 10K

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The many hills of Brielle did not deter the crowd of runners at this year's Brielle Day 10K. Brock Butler of Manasquan was the first men's finisher in a time of 33:07 and for the women it was Patty Parrado of Weehawken in a time of 40:29. The weather was nearly ideal for the nearly 400 runners as they traversed the ups and downs of the tree lined streets of the town and finished in the Park, Congratulations to Race Director, Tom Mulvaney and the many volunteers who made this years event a success. Among the Club Finishers were:

Marilyn Ryder 1:00:30

Bob Hayes 53:55

Dawn Ciccone 47:02

Sutah Robins 45:47

Luann McCraw 53:20

Dennis Hart 52:37

Kathry Craven 57:47

Dalia Vidazinha 43:32

Liz Wenslaskaus 49:34

Peg Weiland 51:31

Joe Mirachi 55:01

Walter Falisiewicz 1:04:55

Bob Gordon 49:52

Bob Flannery 45:13

Jack Cheer 45:18

Diane Cheer 59:11

Dave Stretanski 45:19

Bob Bythell 34:10

Dennis Colligan 49:43

Jerry Grayce 50:48

Mary Beth Glaccum 47:22

John O'Reilly 47:08

Lynn Brady 50:03

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Saturday in the Park

Asbury Park Press Article

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Runners after the Start of this Year's Saturday in the Park

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A record turn out of over 600 participants for the Saturday in the Park 5K Women's Race this past weekend. The warm humid conditions did not deter the women on their way through the challenging Holmdel Park course through the woods and hills. The overall winner for the second year in a row was 12 year old Brianna Jackucewicz of Farmingdale, on the left, who finished in a time of 18:56. She was followed by Jenn Clausen and Alicia Kelly in a very strong and competitive field. Congratulations to Penny Hinck and the many volunteers who made for a truly memorable event.

The winner's of our random drawing at the Cub Tent were Christine Gaeta and Dalia Vidazinha. Stop by our tent next week at the Brielle 10 K (Saturday, September 6, 9 AM, 10K, Brielle 10K, 1 Mile Fun Run at 9:05 AM, Brielle, NJ 732-528-6600 x25, Jersey Shore Grand Prix Event) for another chance to win.

Mong the many club finishers were:

Denise Kapla 33:45

Simone Tellini 29:17

Judi Johnson 28:

Jennifer Boudeau 30:06

Gail Gahre 38

Patti Thompson 38:15

Christine Gaeta 21

Vivian Rath 36:03

Dalia Vidaxinha 23:17

Noemia Vidazinha 24:24

Donna Mehler 31:10

Luann McGraw 28:08

Susan Ardito 27:27

Marti Rettino 25:22

Lynn Brady 26:20

Donata Lombardi 30:32

Check out our Forum

Check out the Runner's Forum (link above). Lots of information on races such as group runs, discount rooms for Philadelphia Distance Run, reviews of local races, places to run, injuries and suggestions for doctors, etc. A great way to post information or request information on many subjects. Check it out today and just say "Hello, to let us know you visited.

Bed Race

A very unique event on Sept 13 in Sea Girt - to benefit a Prostrate Cancer Center. Each team will be comprised of 4 runners and one rider and must be co-ed. Teams are encouraged to dress up their bed for the race. Get complete rules and more information on this fun event from Charlie Judice at c.judice@ieee.org

River Cruise

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On a balmy Friday August evening, the Jersey Shore Running Club's navy went to sea. Well, actually the Bay! The sold out cruise departed Brielle for a 3 hour adventure in the bay. The weather cooperated with one of the nicest nights of the summer. A tropical attire theme and leis and carnations at the gangplank set the tone of a relaxed casual evening. A contest for best Hawaiian Shirt with the men and tropical attire for the women resulted in close competition with the final winners being Al McKeon and Peggy McKeon. The deluxe buffet was excellant and John Mac even had too much food. An open bar and DJ Mike got all up and dancing including new members Dalia and Mia. It was also just fun to walk outside and enjoy the magnificent views along the route. The end of the evening cookies were a hit again and a good time had by all.

Relay by the Sea

Three, Two or One Person Relay

Check out the Club's Newest Race coming on Sunday, September 28th. It's a 15K Relay which you can run as a three person team with each person running 5K, a two person team with one person running 10K and the other running 5k or run it solo as a 15k. There will be awards in many categories of open and master's: men's, women's and mixed teams as well as lots of special surprise awards. It will include a great post race party, awards ceremony and barbecue at the Sea Girt Army Camp by the beach. It should be a fun day for all. Special early registration rates so don't forget to sign up now. You can always change team members up to the day of the race.

Sunday, September 28, 9 AM, 15K, Relay by the Sea, Sea Girt,

Bradley Beach

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The start of this year's Bradley Beach 5K

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A huge turnout of nearly 700 runners and impressive fast field for this year's Bradley Beach 5k. The weather was a bit on the warm side but the leaders appeared to cope and put in some impressive times. For the men it was 19 year old BJ Krasca of Wall in a time of 15:57 and for the women it was 12 year old Brianna Jackucewicz of Farmingdale in a time of 17:39. Some of the many club finishers included:

Tom Mulvaney 21:22; Emery Messenger 25:52; Frank Pelcher 24:36(PR); Bob Bythell 16:24 (1ag)

To Run or Not to Run That is the Question

by Mary Conry

In the course of running for over 20 years I have often had to decide whether or not I should continue running when faced with an injury. Running is an activity that brings me so much pleasure and at times so much pain. It is hard to give up the pleasure but even harder sometimes to deal with the pain. I have had my fair share of running injuries and as a result have developed a whole new vocabulary and a new understanding of human anatomy. Many of these words may be familiar to you. They include stress fracture, chrondamalacia, costocondritis, tenditinitis, plantar fascitis, sacroiliac joint, peroneal tendon, semimembranosus, illitobial band, piriformis and greater trochanter. When deciding whether or not to continue running it is best to assess whether or not you are doing damage to your body by continuing to run when injured. If you have tried self treament including R.I.C.E. and are still having a lot of pain it may be helpful to consult a professional. Some of the professionals I have visited in the course of 20 years include orthopedic specialists, chiropractors, podiatrists, cardiologists, hip specialists, physical therapists and massage therapists. Some of the professionals I saw were helpful but none of them used a multiphase treatment program to deal with my injuries. Most doctors tried to give me a quick fix like cortisone, vioxx or orthotics. Recently I have been plagued with injuries which have hampered my ability to run well. I did not want to visit the same doctors as I had in the past because they did not really solve my problems. Thankfully I saw an ad for the Active Healing Center in Colts Neck. I went for a complimentary athletic evaluation and was impressed by the time that the doctor spent with me in explaining how areas of joint dysfunction and muscular imbalances lead to reinjury and diminshed athletic performance. Dr. Thomas Gustafson is a concerned and caring health professional. He spends an incredible amount of time with me explaining every aspect of my treatment. He uses a combination of electric stimulation, gentle manipulation, soft tissue massage, stretching and strengthening exercises. If you are struggling with injuries and would like help you can contact Dr. Tom at 732-683-0200. He had offices in Colts Neck and Middletown. I am confident that you will be satisfied with the treatment you get.

Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Tom Natoli 2:19:37

Tinton Falls 5k

Ken Vercammen 18:40(3oa)

Hamilton 5k

Ken Vercammen 18:42(2ag)

Hook O'Malley 5k

Ken Vercammen 18:27 (1oa)

Lew Gibb Mile

Felix Pereira 5:07 (1oa)

Cranford Fall Classic

Felix Pereira 30:06 (2ag)

Pfizer 5k

Felix Pereira 17:38

Sprint Triathlon

Sutah Robins 1:27)1ag)

NYC Marathon Training Run

Tom Natoli 3:04:07

Lacey Day 5 Miler

Patrick Asay 32:51

Philadelphia Distance Run

Ira Wiss

I would like to remind everyone that I am once again holding rooms for the Philadelphia distance run on Sunday 9/21. Check in 9/20 check out 9/21. I am holding approximately 10 rooms at the embassy suites in Philadelphia. This is a great race if you have never done this. The hotel is located right at the finish line across the street from the host hotel the Wyndham. The embassy suites are 2 room suites and can accommodate 1-5 persons per suite. This includes breakfast and a nightly managers party. The rates this year are very good as follows: Single occupancy or double occupancy is $109 per night plus tax, Triple occupancy and quad occupancy is $129 per nt plus tax. These rates are per room.

Please e mail Ira at bigeye1@monmouth.com or call me at 732-682-5156


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