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Updated on June 04, 2006

JSRC at Reebok Track Meet


Avon Day 5K

Photo Album with Finishers in Finish Order

The Start of this Year's Avon Day 5K

Another large turn out ofor the Avon Day 5K this past Saturday.  The weather was near ideal for the runners as they traversed the ocean front and the tree lined streets of this beautiful Jersey Shore Town.  Jeff Peterson of Rumson and Bill Hoffman of Eatontown were virtually tied at the finish in a time of 15:49..  Megan Phillips of Brielle was the women's winner in a time of 18:33 and Karen Charles of Belmar followed right behind in 18:54.

The first Avon residents were Mike Davey in 20:08 and Kathy Kropke in 20:26., Glenn Hammel 24:54, Leslie McKerman 24:39

Among the many club finishers were:

Steve Gioglio 20:56, Cathy DePolo  24:55, Matt Shafer 18:55

Nples trathalon

Chris Wilcox 57:41(3ag)

  Spring Lake 5

Results     Asbury Park Press Article

Photo Album 1 Photo Show 1   -   Photo  Album 2  Photo Show 2   -   Photo Album 3  Photo Show 3   

Photo Album 4  Photo Show 4  -     Photo Album 5  Photo Show 5 Photo Album 6  Photo Show 6

The Start of This Year's Spring Lake 5

It was a bit on the warm side for this year's Spring Lake 5.particularly as the runners entered the Fourth Mile on the course through town. But despite the weather some fast times were recorded.  The Men's winner  was Francisco Gomez of Costa Rica finished in a time of 24:18 and for the women it was Ann Kugler of New York City in a time of 27:56.

It was another spectacular Spring lake 5 and congratulations to Race Director, Phil Hinck and all the volunteers from the many groups who contributed to the event.  The JSRC helped out at the start and really cleaned up after the race was over.

Among the many club finishers were:

PJ Maloney  43:14,  Pat Maloney  38:16,  Jennifer Biudreau  1:10:00,  Kenneth  Gahre  1:10:00,  Tina Duda 1:02:38,  Ted Duda  46:41, Matt Shafer  31:28(73rd),  Matt Jacobson  31:45,  Steve Apostolacus  32:00,  Will DeRoberts  31:06,  Robert Galizio  36:13,  Graham Wisdom  37:58,  Marti Rettino  41:21,  Jeffrey Dietel  37:05,  Scott Winrow  31:20,  Rick Vegh 36:48,  R List  45:39,  Dennis Hart  46:25,  Ted Duda  46:30,  John Dalton  45:03,  Pat Cavanaugh  34:45,  Terrence Foley  54:15,  Deana MacLean Roberts  56:02,  Henry Rosset  36:08,  Gina Rosset  43:23, Jaime Gallagher  41:56, John O'Reilly 41:33, Peggy McKean 52:30, Carol Irwin 39:48, Leslie McKernan 43:36, Don Sutton 47:15, Alane Mahoney 39:42, Wayne Foster 36:32

Next Up is the Avon 5k followed by the Bus Outing to the Reebok Grand Prix at Randall's Island in NYC next Saturday.  Spots are still available on the bus - see below!

Spring Lake 5 Kids

Photo Album - Photo Show

JSRC Outing to NYC

A Fun Time in NYC - Seats Still Available - Just Send an email to to reserve your seat!

Justin Gatlin Who Just Set a World Record of 9.76 Seconds for 100 Meters Will Be There!

Well Not Quite a Record - But fast in either case

Or See A show on Randall's Island  Check it Out!

Get a special JSRC Discount for the International Reebok Track  Meet at beautiful Randall's Island in New York City on June 3rd.  Enter the promo code "jerseyrun" for a 10% discount at the event web site. .  We  have a bus going to the meet.  The bus will leave at 1 PM (you will have time to explore the island) and then return after the meet at about 8:30 PM.  If interested in seats on the bus email - seats are limited so just send an email to to reserve your seat!   Cost of the is $20.  The bus will leave from the Red Bank Commuter Parking Lot off the Parkway. 

Rahway 5K

Ralph Garfield 23:46(1ag)

Rock Island, IL 5K

Jim Neary (1st AG)

Edison 5K

Jim Neary 2ag)

Summer Series Starts June 15

The Club's Summer Series of races kicks off on Thursday, June 15th at the Wall Municipal Complex on Allaire Road in Wall. The series goes off every Thursday through July.  The series includes a half mile for those 9 and under, a mile for 14and under and an open 3 mile for all.  

You can sign up for the entire series at and insure you get the club discount and the neat Runner's Hat. 

Thorne Run

Results - Photo Album Start and Finishers Through 31:34 - Photo Show

Photo Album of Rest of Finishers, Kids Races  - Photo Show

Photo Album of More Kids Races and Awards - Photo Show

Photos Will be available for 120 Days

The Start of the Thorne 4 Mile Run through West Long Branch

A large field of runners were treated to ideal running conditions at the Annual Michael Thorne 4 Mile Run in West Long Branch.  The race is dedicated to Michael Thorne the West Long Branch Fire Fighter who lost his life in the line of duty.  

The mens winner was Rob DiFillipis in a time of 20:50 and for the women it was Karen Charles who continued her winning ways after winning the Lake Como 5K and a third place finish at the Pocono Marathon just two weeks ago.

Kids races were held after the 4 Miler and volunteers were treated to a post race party at the West long Branch Fire House.

Congratulationss to the Event Organizers Nancy Thorne and Mindy Brady as well as all the volunteers from the West Long Branch Fire Department, the West Long Branch Women's Club and the Jersey Shore Running Club.

Among the Club Finishers were:

Leslie McKernan  32:20(3ag), Frank Pelcher 37:00(3ag), Jaime Gallagher  31:59, John O'Reilly  30:33, Glenn Hammel  32:01, Graham Wisdom 30:01, Peggy McKean 38:10

Delaware Marathon

Mick Morris  3:11(2ag)

Duke Island 5K

Brian Marley  26:18

Bahr's 5 Miler

Dawn Ciccone on the left who is recovering from being hit by a car while running attended the Bahr's Race in Atlantic Highlands and cheered on the runners and Coleen on the right ran in honor of her dad - Art Glass who is recovering from a heart attack.

Brian Marley  44:45, Steve Collins 44:19, 

Thursday Run Update

The Club's Thursday Run in Belmar Shifts from Dunkin Donuts to Taylor Pavilion on the Boardwalk at Fifth Avenue this Thursday for the Summer- Come on out to the Run - All Invited! And if you can't make it on Thursday's - stop by our Runs on Tuesday in Long Branch, Wednesday at Holmdel Park and Sunday in Middletown.

Bayhead 5k

Chris Wilcox  19:02(1ag) ,  Matt Shafer  19:07(1ag)

Boston Marathon

Diana Burton 5:02

Parkinson's 5K

Results  Photos

Mike Bair 17:43(4th OA)

Spring Into Summer 5K


Club Member Jeremy Pilkington of Allenhurst  in a time of 17:01 was the first men's finisher in thee Spring Into Summer 5K and Tracy Bahrs of Red Bank was the first place woman in a time of 19:01.  Other Club finishers included:

Leslie McKernan  24:56, Laura Schneider  29:38

Monmouth Beach 5K

Results  Photos 

The Start of the Monmouth Beach 5K

Steve Collins  24:23(1ag), Karen Gregory 28:07

NJ International Track Meet 

Seeking Masters Runners for 4 X 800 Team(s)

 As usual, I am organizing JSRC's efforts to enter Masters teams in the NJ International on Saturday, June 10.  Yes, it is the same day as The Sheehan Classic, so I am facing more challenges than usual. 

The goal is to field at least one Masters Men's team (and maybe a Women's team) for the event.  As you can guess, we need four (4) respectable runners to field each team.  The event takes place in the afternoon, so it is possible to run both Sheehan and NJ International (although I do not recommend it)!  If you are interested, please e-mail me ( by Sunday, May 21.  The cost per person is a mere $5. 

Please also consider running the Mary Conry Memorial Women's Mile in the Meet.  As you know, JSRC is sponsoring this event in memory of our beloved departed Club member.  You can run it as a serious competitive event, or jog it with a group (women AND men).  Either way. your support is encouraged.   Thanks for your consideration,  Z President

Wide world of sports complex

disney, orlando florida.

 the muddy buddy--- bike, run obstacle course and mud crawl.  6.7 miles.  frank pelcher and shelley pelcher(daughter)  combined 74-94 yr old age group.  we combined at 94yrs----1:06

Point Pleasant Mother's Day 5K


Scott Winrow 18:34(3rd OA)

DARE Classic 5K

Jon Lowrie  24:49(3ag)

Brandon's Run 5K

Glenn Hammel  24:07(3ag)

Atlantic Care 5K

PJ Roedell  30:04(1ag)

Sunday is Mother's Day!

Take Mom for a Run!


Pocono Marathon

Photos Results

Karen Charles - Third Place Female

Karen Charles Accepts her Third Place Award

The first Annual Pocono Marathon was a charmer for Karen Charles who placed as the third female in a very competitive field in a time of 3:08.  The course was especially tough with lots of hills which could be expected in the mountains of the Poconos.  While the was an overall 1500 vertical drop from the start to the finish in between were many hills.  The course was especially scenic and the organizers and the Pocono community should be commended for an outstanding first year marathon - there were nearly three volunteers for every runner and the entire community came out to cheer on the runners.  A marathon to be considered.

The JSRC banner was proudly displayed along the course at mile 14.2 in Paradise Valley at the loaction where Deana MacLean-Roberts spent summers growing up and a lot of time running. Some pictures to follow of the small display.

Other club finishers included:

Karen Charles  3:09, Mike Baker 3;23, Allison Baker 3:57, Bob Both  4:30, Matt Sodano  4:40, Steve Gioglio  3:50, Amy Bergino 3:23, Jay Russell 4:33, Dick Heuser 4:08

Flying Pig Marathon

Mary Moriarty  4:48:23

Half Marathon

Florence McCarthy  2;38

Indy Half Marathon

Florence McCarthy 2:54

Rumson 5 Miler

Results 5 Miler  -  Results 3KPhoto Album

Briana Jackucewitz (on right) in a time of 29:24 and Alex Fowlie 9on left) in a  time of 27:15 are champions at the AJ Bruder Memorial Five Miler, at the 14th Annual Rumson-Fair Haven Run

Club Finishers included:

Carol Irwin 39:15, Leslie McKernan 41:40, Matt Shafer 30:39(1ag), Candace Brandmayer 54:38, Holly Smith 39:27

River to Bay 5K

James Neary  25:25(2ag)

Lanoka Harbor 5K

Glenn Hammel  24:37(3ag)

COUNTRY ROADS 5K  (Allentown)

Bob Hayes   27:26


Bob Hayes   27:24, Chelsea Hayes  38:20  1st 18 under


Bob Hayes   27:01, Chelsea Hayes 30:31 (PR)  1st 16 under


Bob Hayes   27:31

Lighthouse 5K


Tropical 5K - Naples, Fl

Chris Wilcox  19:41

Tyler Davis Memorial 5K

PJ Roedell  32;39(1ag)

Baton is Passed

Tom Morrison hands off the Presidential Baton to Dave Zurheide at the Club's Annual Ceremonial Inaugural Rites held at Bar Anticipation.

Kids Running 

Getting Ready for "Spring into Summer"

Saturday, May 13, Spring into Summer 5K, Middletown, NJ 

Read Press Article

Sad News

Phil Hinck's Mom passed away last week.  A Memorial Service will be held on Friday, May 12th at Precious Blood Church, Monmouth Beach  See the Obituary for details.

Reebok Track Meet

Volunteer and Get Free Running Shoes and More  -We received a few more spots so this is your last chance to join in -  please respond by this weekend.

The Club will be assisting at the Reebok Track and Field Meet to be held on Randall's Island in New York City on Saturday, June 3rd.  Volunteers for the event will receive a free Reebok T-Shirt, Reebok Running Shoes, Lunch, Dinner and the opportunity to mingle with elite athletes from all around the world.  You will also be able to take in most of the track meet once you complete your assignment.  

All volunteers must be at Randall's Island no later than 3:00 PM.  The track meet starts at 5:30 PM and goes until around 9 PM.  Most tasks will be over much earlier than that.

To volunteer please email and provide your name, shirt size, shoe size, email and telephone contact number.  This is a firm commitment as tasks will be assigned to each volunteer and the meet will be depending on your support.  We will most likely car pool or take the train into the city and then go over to the Island or we may get a bus if there is sufficient interest.. Further information will be provided to the volunteers who sign up. . Please respond as soon as possible - we have a limited number of spots - so first come first served.  

Queens Half Marathon

Marcia E. Draikiwicz  2:20:09,  Bill Rogers 1:48:35

What a great day for a race! The sun was shining as we ran along the  East River, where vessels of all shapes and sizes were seen against the background of the NYC skyline.  The course was very hilly, yet the beauty of the magnolia, cherry and dogwood trees blooming at the peak of their blossoms was enough to place your thoughts in another zone!  It was truly a  glorious race!  Mark it on your calendar for next year!

Donna Lane, 48

Killed in Motorcycle Accident this Past Sunday, April 30

Donna Lane of Hazlet died tragically as a result of a motorcycle accident.  Donna was an avid runner and most recently completed the Marine Coirps Marathon this past October. She was also the owner of Body Aware Therapeutic Massage and often volunteered her services at local races.

Surviving are her husband, Vincent; two daughters, Shannon and Kimberly Lane; her parents, Joseph and Rebecca Corrado; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Visitation will be from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at the Holmdel Funeral Home, 26 S. Holmdel Road, Holmdel. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday at St. John's United Methodist Church, Hazlet. Donations in Donna's name may be made to AIDS Walk New York, c/o Val Imbleau, P.O. Box 805, Canaan, CT 06018. For directions or online condolences, visit

Five Year Old Runs 40 Miles in Record Time

Read this Story - But Don't try this at Home!

Who's On Stage?

JSRC Member Peggy McKean

Peg will be performing in the upcoming production of Grease, at Monmouth Regional HS on May 12, 13 at 8 PM.  Check out her stage debut!

JSRC Member Ready to Drill

Hello fellow JSRC runners! Sprng has sprung! I would like to invite everyone to my grand opening of my new dental office in Sea Girt on May 16th from 5 to 7:30. Great eats and raffle prizes. Come in meet me and my great team and enjoy some good food. Feel free to wear your running shoes. Please RSVP 732-449-3733.
Hope to see your smiling faces!!!
Dr Liz

Blue Claws 5K

Results  Asbury Park Press Article - Ocean Count Observer Article

Photos of Start and Finishers through 27:45  -  Photo Show -       Photos of Rest of Finishers, Kids Races and Awards  - Photo Show

More Photos of Runners in the Stadium  - Photo Show

A huge field of runners participated in this Year's Blue Claws 5K at First Energy Park in Lakewood.  The weather was terrific as the runners ran around the beautiful stadium and then run into the outfield and around the warning track to finish along the third base side of Home Plate.  Lots of spectators in the stands cheered the runners on for the exciting finish.

The overall winner from Ocean Running Club was  in a time of 16:41.  For the women it was Diane DiOlivera (107.1 Radio Personality) of Brick who finished in a time of 19:43.

Kids races were held after the 5K at various distances.

Congratulations to Race Director Phil Hinck and the Ocean Running Club for a terrific event.  Many runners stuck around for the Blue Claws Baseball game afterwards where the winners threw out the first ball for the game.  Diane could be seen practicing after the race with an orange from the refreshments stand - see the photo album for a picture.

Among the many club finishers were:

Ralph Garfield 22:34(1ag), Glenn Hammel  24:00, Kerri Walker  19:59, Dug Stetter  37:30,  Marti Rettino  37:42

Lake Como 5K


Photos of Start and Finishers - Photo Show     -     Photos of Rest of Finishers and Awards - Photo Show

It was bright and sunny but a little cool and windy for the runners at the Club's Annual Lake Como 5K dedicated to the memory of Grania Maggio.  Many of Grania's family and friends participated in the event.  

The Men's winner of the Lake Como 5K was Mike Daigeaun of New Brunswick in a time of 16:43 followed by Robert Cavenaugh in 17:00 and Eric Escircia in 17:51. For the women it was JSRC's Karen Charles in a time of 19:07 followed by Amber Hart in 19:20 and Amanda Scheeer in 20:17.

Among the Club Finishers were:

Matt Shafer  18:44(7th OA), Robert Frungillo 24:55, Glenn Hammel  24:40, Jim McGoldrick  20:25

NJ Marathon

Results  - Half Marathon Results

Alison McKenna 5:53:19*1st Marathon), Frank Lupo  4:41:24, Sutah Robins 4:12, Carly DePolo 4:45

Half Marathon

Leslie McKernan  1:58:45, Holly Smith 2:03:18, Diana Burton 2:25:30

Three Marathons in 13 Days

Greg Mendina has completed three marathons in under two weeks.- Awesome - Congratulations. Whats Next?

Boston  Marathon 2:59:33, Jersey Shore Relay Marathon 3:19:10, NJ Marathon 2:57:52

Runner's World Half Marathon

Jaime Gallagher 1:51:02, Rob Jaegar  1:53:19

Run@Work Day - September 22

To help employers, running clubs, or individuals plan and promote their local Run@Work Day event, the RRCA has developed a “Planning Kit” which can be found at The “Kit” contains a sample press release for announcing local events, ideas for planning and promoting the event, and information on nutrition and running that can be shared with event participants. In addition, Run@Work Day events can be posted on the RRCA Calendar for FREE. Event organizers can use the special event code, Run@Work Event, when posting their event.


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